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Major Projects Canberra
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Castley, Leanne
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21 September 2023
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23 October 2023
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  1. Does Major Projects Canberra collate and assess data on awards to consultants within the CEC/C-CA (Civil engineering services with Construction Contract Administration) prequalification category; if so, (a) is this data used to increase the chances of available, and suitably qualified consultants receiving work by including them in select tenders wherever possible and (b) how is this data used to support the objectives of the Local Industry Participation Policy.
  2. What is the Chief Minister's response to a consultant’s allegation that a tender assessment was undertaken without a defined method by which tenderers’ submitted prices were correlated to a score for the Financial Weighted Criteria, and is this an overt manipulation of the scoring.
  3. Can the Chief Minister provide details on how select tender lists are compiled.


Answer Published
16 October 2023
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1) No. 

(a) Refer to (1). 

(b) Refer to (1).

2) Procurement ACT received a Supplier Complaint in February 2023 regarding the outcome of an approach to market by Major Projects Canberra which occurred in late 2022. Procurement ACT (PACT) reviewed the complaint. The PACT Review Report identified a number of recommendations, including relating to clear description of the methodology applied to the assessment process. This recommendation identifies an opportunity for improvement of the approach taken by Evaluation Teams in considering price. Major Projects Canberra will be working in collaboration with Procurement ACT to support the implementation of the recommendations.

3) Where the quotation and tender requirements in Part 2 of the Government Procurement Regulation 2007 (Regulation) permit a limited approach to market, or where an exemption is approved from the relevant quotation and tender requirements in Part 2 of the Regulation, the delegate for the procurement from the relevant Territory directorate may seek a stated kind or number of quotations for the procurement, and invite a tender from one or more suppliers for the procurement.