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Transport Canberra
(electric buses)
Asked by
Parton, Mark
Directed to
Minister for Transport and City Services
Question asked on
09 February 2023
Answer due on
12 March 2023
Question asked
  1. In relation to Transport Canberra electric buses, what are all the electrical bus charging infrastructure options currently in place in Tuggeranong.
  2. How long does it take to fully charge one electric bus with the infrastructure in place today at (a) Tuggeranong and (b) other locations. 
  3. When an electric bus is fully charged, how long (hours and minutes) and how many kilometres has the electric bus been driven before it will be required to be charged again. 
  4. Is fast electric bus charging available today. 
  5. Have electric buses been charged by diesel generators to date; if so, (a) at what location, (b) over what period and (c) why has this been occurring. 
  6. Has Transport Canberra provided advice to the Government that electric buses are being charged by diesel generators. 
  7. Has the Minister asked Transport Canberra “have electric buses been charged by diesel generators”.


Answer Published
17 March 2023
Answered by
Minister for Transport and City Services

(1) There is charging infrastructure to support the current in-service electric fleet vehicles in operation at the Tuggeranong Depot. Additional conduits, high voltage cables, switchboards, crash protection and six chargers (which can each charge two battery electric buses simultaneously) have now been installed. 

(2) (a) On average a bus will take between 2.5 to 5 hours to charge depending on state of charge remaining in the battery.

(2) (b) There are no other locations available for charging of electric buses.

(3) When a bus is fully charged it is expected to be able to travel 400km and operate for between 12 to 16 hours. 

(4) Six DC charging units have been installed at the Tuggeranong depot. These chargers have the capability to charge two buses at once with 150 Amps AC available for each unit supplied from the transformer. The charging units are capable of fast charging buses at over 50kw.

(5) No electric bus has been charged by a diesel generator to date. 

(6) No. 

(7) No. The Minister has been advised that as part of Transport Canberra’s Business Continuity Planning, they are investigating the possibility of leasing a backup diesel generator. Business continuity plans and procedures are established to ensure Transport Canberra can continue to operate through periods of disruption or emergency. This involves ensuring there is adequate power always available to power workshops and continue to fuel the fleet, including the charging of electric buses.