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Canberra Health Services
Asked by
Castley, Leanne
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Minister for Health
Question asked on
21 September 2023
Answer due on
23 October 2023
Question asked
  1. Can the Minister provide an update on the “6 high issues” identified in the April to May reporting period for the Digital Health Record (page 127, ACTHDFOI23-24.03).
  2. Can the Minister advise on the status of each issue, eg, resolved, in progress etc.
  3. If the issues are resolved, when were they resolved.
  4. If the issues are ongoing, what actions have been taken and what are the impacts of these issues.


Answer Published
24 October 2023
Answered by
Minister for Health

Issue 1 – Pathology result routing to referring clinician

This issue was resolved in April 2023 and pathology results are now sent out via Rhapsody.

Issue 2 – Pathology result formatting 

This issue is in progress. A short-term fix was implemented in May 2023 and the pathology cumulative result work is underway. The design is complete and Epic is completing a costing and timeframe for delivery. The impact is that documents sent to General Practitioners (GPs) are currently in PDF format rather than discrete data in the GP Practice Management Software system.

Issue 3 – Business Intelligence requirements for National Submissions and Operational Reporting

This issue is resolved as Emergency Department and Elective Surgery Wait List data was submitted to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare within the required timeframes. Business Intelligence and Data teams from Canberra Health Services and the ACT Health Directorate are working together to ensure successful submissions. See response to QON 1428 for further detail.

Issue 4 – Healthlink service tree issues

This issue was resolved in February 2023. The HealthLink service tree is updated with any ongoing changes on a regular basis and there are no outstanding issues requiring action.

Issue 5 – Problems with the Aria and Epic interface

This issue is in progress. Many changes and updates have been implemented to support improvement of the Epic and Aria interface and the Slade Pharmacy team has had access to Digital Health Record (DHR) Link since March 2023, which is providing team members with access to the information they need when required. The design of the final update to resolve issues between Epic and Aria for appointment management is now complete and awaiting costing and timeframes from Epic. An ongoing manual check is conducted to make sure there are no impacts on appointments until a fix is implemented, ensuring there are no impacts for patients.

Issues 6 – Set up in ongoing Governance structure for the DHR post go live

This issue is resolved. During the last DHR Project Board in March 2023 an ongoing governance structure was agreed and commenced in late May 2023.